Python Basic Course

Why Learn ­čôÜ

If you’re a programming beginner, struggling with how to begin your coding learning, this course is perfect for you! All you need is a computer or smartphone to embark on your Python programming adventure! Master Python basics in just 30 days, tailored for beginners. Join Codebay and unlock the doors to the world of programming!

What to Learn ­čôŁ

Running a Program

  • L01: First experience with Python´╝ÜThe Terminator’s task

Basic Statements

  • L02: Data Types´╝ÜRomeo and Juliet
  • L03: Conditional Statement´╝ÜForrest Gump’s Choice
  • L04: input() Function´╝ÜThe Frog Prince


  • L05: Getting Started with Functions´╝ÜMaking a Juice in Code
  • L06: Parameters and Variable Scopes´╝ÜWelcoming a New Classmate
  • L07: Objective Review´╝ÜThe Journey to Function Proficiency


  • L08: Getting Started with Conditions´╝ÜEscape from the Metropolis
  • L09: Advanced Conditionals´╝ÜThe New Sorrows of Young Werther
  • L10: Objective Review´╝ÜThe Adventure of Little Red Riding Hood


  • L11: Getting Started with Lists´╝ÜZodiac Academy
  • L12: Advanced Lists´╝ÜTrivial Matters in Class
  • L13: Advanced Lists´╝ÜTrivial Matters in Class 2
  • L14: Objective Review´╝ÜCrack The Hacker’s Code


  • L15: while Loop´╝ÜLottery Drawing Machine
  • L16: for loop´╝ÜLittle Tadpoles Looking for Mama
  • L17: Objective Review´╝ÜPassword Cracker


  • L18: String Formatting´╝ÜDecoding Acrostic Poems
  • L19: String Properties´╝ÜSpace Blasters
  • L20: String Methods´╝ÜSaving Pi from the Devil


  • L21: Modules´╝ÜThe Magical Pocket of Doraemon
  • L22: Built-in Modules´╝ÜRock, Paper, Scissors


  • L23: Getting Started with Dictionaries´╝ÜScrabble Scoring Made Easy
  • L24: Advanced Dictionaries´╝ÜDecoding the Best Seat

Classes and OOP

  • L25: Procedural Programming´╝ÜWorld Martial Arts Tournament
  • L26: Classes and Objects´╝ÜGoku’s Quest for Structure
  • L27: Inheritance and Polymorphism´╝ÜTransform into Super Saiyan


  • L28: Computational Thinking´╝ÜText Difficulty Calculator
  • L29: turtle Module´╝ÜTwinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • L30: Final Project´╝ÜMovie Ticket Booking System

How to Learn ÔťĘ

  • Interactive Courses: Engaging interactive lessons that feel like having a direct conversation with your personal tutor.
  • **Hands-on Projects: ** Each topic comes with corresponding coding exercises, allowing you to program directly in the course’s compiler.
  • AI Tutor: Personalized answers are provided by an AI tutor for any questions or programming errors encountered during the course.