Python Data Analysis

Why Learn πŸ“š

Embark on a journey of data exploration with our comprehensive course categories. From market data analysis to using data with NumPy and Pandas, dive into the world of data processing and visualization. Unlock insights and master practical analysis techniques to decode market trends, polish your data, and uncover valuable insights.

What to Learn πŸ“

Market Data Analysis

  • L01: Getting Started with DA: Measuring the World in Data
  • L02: Multidimensional and Comparative Analysis: Common Data Analysis Methods β… 
  • L03: Funnel Analysis and A/B Testing: Common Data Analysis Methods β…‘

Using Data with NumPy

  • L04: N-Dimensional Array: Drafting the Star Player
  • L05: Boolean Indexing: Perfecting Predictions

Data Processing with Pandas

  • L06: Series and DataFrames: Exploring Data Dimensions
  • L07: Advanced Data Operations: Unveiling Sales Champions
  • L08: Data Filtering: Profiling Sales Performance
  • L09: Data Grouping: Decoding Team Success
  • L10: Data Cleaning: Polishing Your Data
  • L11: Practical Analysis:Mining Loyal Customers with RFM

Data Visualization with Plotly

  • L12: Stacked Bar Charts: Unstacking Fitness Trends
  • L13: Donut Charts: Slicing into New User Engagement
  • L14: Scatter Plot Charts: Uncovering Healthcare Patterns
  • L15: Pyramid Charts: Layering Demographic Insights

Market Data Analysis

  • L16: Market Metrics: Decoding the 5C4P & Beyond
  • L17: Integrating A/B Testing & AARRR: Unlocking Reading App Bottlenecks
  • L18: Advanced Analysis & Insights: Charting Paths for Iteration
  • L19: Association Rules: Discovering Unlikely Pairings

Data & Society

  • L20: GDP Analysis: Tracing a Nation’s Pulse
  • L21: Movie Data Analysis: Spotting the Flops

How to Learn ✨

  • Interactive Courses: Engaging interactive lessons that feel like having a direct conversation with your personal tutor.
  • **Hands-on Projects: ** Each topic comes with corresponding coding exercises, allowing you to program directly in the course’s compiler.
  • AI Tutor: Personalized answers are provided by an AI tutor for any questions or programming errors encountered during the course.